Criteria and guidelines

The Biochemical Society sets aside as much funding as possible for its annual Summer Vacation Studentship Scheme. The purpose of the Scheme is to provide undergraduate students in biochemistry and related subjects with hands-on experience of laboratory research. Studentship experiences are hard to come by and, if awarded, the experience can benefit a young researcher and their supervisor greatly.

Competition for places is fierce – generally most of the applications are of high quality.

Each supervisor may only apply for sponsorship of one student per round of application. The supervisor must be a current member of the Biochemical Society for at least 12 months prior to the closing date of the grants.

Students take up the award during the summer vacation before their final year. Students carrying out a three year undergraduate course are eligible in their second year of study. Students carrying out four year course are eligible in their second or third years of study.

Once an award has been offered to a named student it cannot be transferred to another student.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

Student Statements: -

  • Reasons for applying to studentship
  • Interest in the area of research
  • Contribution to group/institution
  • Technical and transferable skills to be developed

Supervisor Statements: -

  • Scientific content of project
  • Rationale and interest/benefits to the wider field of biochemistry
  • Time-frame
  • Support offered to student
  • Technical and transferable skills development offered to student
You can read the application questions here and download the full judging criteria here. Please note: The Summer Vacation Studentship scheme is open to overseas students and mature students.


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