Are you looking for modest financial support for benchwork?


The Fund was endowed by a Trust (Guildford Academic Associates) co-founded by Dr Eric Reid, an Emeritus Member. The emphasis is on methodology, with a preference for cellular or bioanalytical work. Consideration will be given only to applications that are carefully compiled and scientifically convincing.

Applications are now closed

Applications for the 2022 round have now closed. The Eric Reid Fund for Methodology is next due to open in January 2023. 

Examples of awards

  • Developing and applying a new technique
  • Checking the application of a known technique in new circumstances
  • Feasibility studies by new staff before they apply to a major award-granting body

How much is available?

Up to £5,000 is available. Either £3,500 (for consumables only) or £5,000 (to cover a stipend to a summer vacation student). Any additional funding sought for the proposed work from other sources should be mentioned in the application.

Further information for applicants

If you still have questions after reading the above, please contact the Grants department >