The Biochemical Society regularly responds to calls for consultation responses, the most recent of which can be seen below (once any embargo period has ended). If you would like to contribute to a response, please visit our open consultation responses page or join our database of expertise.

Our umbrella society, the Royal Society of Biology, responds to more consultations, click here for their archive.

January 2013 – Open Access

The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee and the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee both invited contributions to inquiries into the implementation of the Government Open Access policy. The Royal Society of Biology responded to both in consultation with its Research Dissemination Committee, on which we are represented.

September 2012 – The Future of Higher Education in England

The newly established Commission on the Future of Higher Education, part of the IPPR (Institute for Public Policy Research), consulted on the future of Higher Education in England. We contributed to a response from the Royal Society of Biology.

September 2012 – A Level Reform Consultation

This Ofqual consultation considered proposals for the reform of A Levels in England. Our Education Committee worked with the SCORE group to shape a cross-science sectoral response.

May 2012 – Green Food Project

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) invited views on the future of food production and the environment in England through their Green Food Project online forum. We contributed to a Royal Society of Biology response.

April 2012 – Bridging the ‘valley of death’: improving the commercialisation of research

This consultation by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee invited evidence on how to improve the commercialisation of research in the UK. We fed in input from our membership into a bioscience sector-specific response, coordinated by the Royal Society of Biology.

April 2012 – The Future of Postgraduate Education

The Higher Education Commission launched an independent inquiry examining the future of postgraduate education. To ensure the views of the bioscience community were well represented, the Biochemical Society worked closely with the Royal Society of Biology to deliver a comprehensive response, which is available here. You can read a blog post about the following round table discussion here.

January 2012 – UCAS Admissions Process Review

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) are conducting a review of the admissions process for students entering higher education. As part of this they opened a public consultation, which we submitted evidence to through a Royal Society of Biology response.

December 2011 – Higher Education in STEM Subjects

The House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee invited contributions to its inquiry into higher education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The inquiry asks how the UK builds the educational foundations it needs to face the challenges of the future. We responded through a Royal Society of Biology submission.

February 2011 – Forensic Science Service

In January 2011, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee announced a review

into the Forensic Science Service (FSS). This followed a Home Office statement in December 2010, revealing that they would be winding down the FSS. The Biochemical Society responded to this consultation, aided by staff from the University of the West of England. Read our submission here.

February 2010 – Guidelines on Scientific Analysis in Policy Making

The Government Office of Science consultation provided an opportunity for scientists, academics and members of the public to help revise the guidelines on scientific advice, last updated in 2005. These guidleines set out the way Government departments obtain and use scientific advice. The Biochemical Society submitted a joint response to this consultation with the British Ecological Society.


August 2009 – BBSRC Strategic Plan 2010-2015

The Strategic Plan is one of the BBSRCs most important planning documents and the Biochemical Society contributed to the Biosciences Federation task force which took place on 11 August 2009. The resulting Biosciences Federation response to the BBSRC Strategic Plan is available online.

January 2009 – Putting science and engineering at the heart of government policy

The Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee seeked opinion on a wide number of issues for this broad and important consultation. Topics covered included how government science and engineering policy should be scrutinised. Our response was submitted through the Biosciences Federation.

October 2008 – A Vision for Science and Society

This consultation from the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills seeked opinion on the development of a new Science and Society Strategy for the UK, looking at the engagement of science with society in its broadest sense, including the use of science by society, science education and the diversity of the science workforce.  Our response was submitted through the Biosciences Federation.

September 2008 – Code of Conduct on Policy on the Governance of Good Research Conduct

This consultation from the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills primarily seeks opinion and feedback on a proposed ‘Code of Conduct for Ensuring Good Research Conduct and Research Integrity’. Our response was submitted through the Biosciences Federation.

February 2008 – CMP and RDS Merger

The Biochemical Society submitted a consultation document on the future of the Research Defence Society and the Coalition for Medical Progress and the proposed merger.