Past Webinars

January 2021

Obesity: from genes to biochemistry of a global pandemic

Developments in neuroscience

December 2020

Industry careers for molecular bioscientists

The sociology of the anti-vaccine movement

November 2020

Developments in industrial biotechnology

Digital Biology: Advanced computational approaches to biological design and engineering

Inflammasomes and plant resistosome

October 2020

Neurobiology of chronic pain: mechanisms, management and in-between

Novel frontiers of Adipose tissue in health and disease

Open Access - ask me anything

A decade in biology: what have the biosciences done for us

September 2020

The biopharma drug development pathway

Genes regulating ageing and the quest for immortality, with BSRA

Biomolecular science research projects with limited lab time (II)

Reprogramming of the epigenome in embryogenesis

August 2020

Biomolecular science research projects with limited lab time (I)

Non-academic careers for molecular bioscientists

July 2020

From diagnosis to therapy in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Disassembly of the replicative helicase in eukaryotic cells

Alpha-synuclein, a central player in neurodegenerative diseases

June 2020

Human Cell Atlas - Mapping the human body one cell at a time

Building gene drives to beat malaria

ACE2: friend or foe

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