The Biochemical Society relies on its membership to help deliver its mission of supporting and promoting the molecular and cellular life sciences.

International Local Ambassadors are a key group of Members who help us to achieve this goal. They are the first point of contact for the Society in their home Countries. Amongst other duties, International Local Ambassadors promote the Biochemical Society and its activities, grants and journals. They also assist  in  liaising  with  appropriate  contacts  in  their  local  biochemical/molecular  biology  society  to strengthen the relationships, promote collaboration and organize joint events. Current International Local Ambassadors are listed below. If your country is not represented on this list and you feel that you could help, please contact the Membership Department for further information.

Institution Ambassador
A Star Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore Dr Vinay Tergaonkar
CIC bioGUNE Bilbao, Spain Dr Manuel Rodríguez
Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Professor Sarah Perrett
Institute of Cellular and Developmental Biology, Greece Dr Efthimios Skoulakis
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey Deniz Karasu
Lebanese American University, Lebanon Dr Jad Abdallah
McGill University, Canada Professor James Coulton
National University of Mongolia, Mongolia Dr Batjargal Batdorj
National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan Dr Amir Rashid
National University Science and Technology, Zimbabwe Michael Moyo
Pacific Lutheran University Jon Freeman
Solvo Biotechnology, Hungary Dr Joseph Zolnerciks
Taylors University,Malaysia Dr Adeline Chia
The University of Tokyo, Japan Dr Duncan McMillan
Tsinghua University, China Professor Ye-Guang Chen
University of Adelaide, Australia Dr Chris McDevitt
University of Copenhagen, Denmark Dr Lasse Bak
University of Lisbon Medical School, Portugal Professor Miguel Castanho
University of Science and Technology of China, China Dr Changlin Tian
University of Warsaw, Poland Dr Joanna Kargul
University of Western Australia, Australia Benjamin Gully
Victor Babes University, Romania Dr Adriana Maria Neghina
VIT University, India Dr C. Rajasekaran