Local Ambassadors

Help deliver our mission

The Biochemical Society relies on its membership to help deliver its mission of supporting and promoting the molecular biosciences.

Local Ambassadors, Student Ambassadors and Industry Ambassadors are a key group of Members who help us to achieve this goal. They are the first point of contact for the Society at their institution or organization. Biochemical Society Ambassadors encourage new membership, serve as a conduit for the transfer of ideas between local members and the Council of Trustees, and also help to organize local events such as student receptions, a presence at Freshers Fayres and sponsored seminars.  Local Ambassadors and Student Ambassadors based at the same institution are encouraged to make contact with each other and to work in partnership.  It is also suggested that Biochemical Society Ambassadors located near to each other, could collaborate on events and initiatives e.g. an Industry and Local Ambassador could work together on a career-focused event for student members.

Local Ambassadors, Student Ambassadors and Industry Ambassadors are asked to:

  • Organize one Biochemical Society-sponsored seminar or member recruitment event e.g. presence at a Freshers Fayre each year. The Society would provide up to £200 to support the cost of speaker travel, venue hire and/or refreshments. We request that these events are used as an opportunity to promote membership of the Society
  • Help recruit new members at their institution
  • Promote the Society’s activities, grants and journals

In return for this we:

  • Offer Biochemical Society Ambassadors free membership of the Biochemical Society
  • Email you an Ambassador Engagement pack
  • Will send you Society literature to distribute at your recruitment event
  • Will send you a pack of Society materials twice a year for you for display at your institution or on a departmental notice.
  • Email you a bi-monthly Local Ambassadors bulletin with information and requests to support the Society’s activities
  • Will invite you to attend the annual Local Ambassador Day (UK based Local Ambassadors, Student Ambassadors and Industry Ambassadors only)
  • Offer discounted group membership for your undergraduate and postgraduate students.  Minimum group size of 8 x undergraduates or 8 x postgraduates.  Group memberships cannot be comprised of a mix of undergraduates and postgraduates in order to meet the minimum number of 8 members. 

Biochemical Society Ambassadors are listed below. If your institution or organization is not represented on this list and you would like to become a Biochemical Society Ambassador or if you have any questions, please contact the Membership Department for further information.

UK and Republic of Ireland – Local Ambassadors

Aberystwyth University
Anglia Ruskin University
Aston University
Aston University 
Babraham Institute
Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London
Birmingham Medical School
Brunel University London
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Coventry University
De Montfort University, Leicester
Dublin City University
Green Biologics Ltd
Herriott-Watt University
Imperial College London
Institute of Child Health, University College London
John Innes Centre, Norwich
Keele University
King’s College London, Women and Children’s Health
King’s College London
Kingston University
Leeds Beckett University
Liverpool John Moores University
London Metropolitan University
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Loughborough University 
Manchester Metropolitan University
National University of Ireland Galway
National University of Ireland Maynooth
Nottingham Trent University
Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism
Queen’s University Belfast
Royal Holloway, University of London
Royal Veterinary College, University College London
Sheffield Hallam University
The Institute of Cancer Research
Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin
University of Bradford 
University College Cork
University College Dublin
University of Bath
University of Bedfordshire
University of Birmingham
University of Brighton
University of Bristol
University of Bristol
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
University of Cardiff
University of Central Lancashire
University College Dublin School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science 
University of Dundee
University of Dundee
University of East Anglia
University of Edinburgh
University of Essex
University of Glasgow
University of Glasgow
University of Gloucestershire    
University of Hertfordshire
University of Huddersfield
University of Hull
University of Kent
University of Lancaster
University of Leeds
University of Leeds
University of Leicester
University of Limerick 
University of Lincoln 
University of Liverpool
University of Manchester
University of Newcastle
University of Nottingham
University of Portsmouth
University of Reading
University of Sheffield
University of Southampton
University of St Andrews
University of Strathclyde
University of Sunderland
University of Surrey
University of Sussex
University of Swansea
University of Ulster, Coleraine
University of Warwick 
University of Westminster
University of Wolverhampton
University of York
Weatherall Institute, University of Oxford
Welcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford

Dr David Whitworth
Dr Richard Jones
Professor Roslyn Bill
Dr Alan Goddard
Dr Jennifer Mitchell
Dr John Foster
Dr Alex Conner
Dr Ruth Mackay
Dr Rachel Adams
Dr Sharon Williams
Professor Parvez Haris
Assistant Professor Konstantinos Grintzalis
Dr Amanda Harding 
Dr Stephen Yarwood
Dr Stuart Haslam
Dr Mona Bajaj-Elliott
Dr Abbas Maqbool
Dr Sheila Hope
Dr Kim Jonas
Dr Maddy Parsons
Dr Nigel Page
Carine De Marcos Lousa
Dr Andrew Powell
Sheelagh Heugh
Dr Nick Furnham
Dr Martin Lindley
Dr Chris Murgatroyd
Dr Andrew Flaus 
Dr Sinead Miggin
Dr Aldo Gutierrez
Dr Sara Falcone
Dr Edel Hyland
Dr Chris Wilkinson
Dr Michelangelo Campanella
Dr Susan Campbell
Dr George Poulogiannis
Professor Seamus Martin
Dr Derek Nolan
Dr Talat Nasim
Dr Eoin Fleming
Dr Jana Haase
Dr Julien Licchesi
Dr Lindsay McDermott
Dr Steve Minchin
Dr Nigel Brissett
Dr Paul Race
Dr Kelly Moule
Dr Sue Ozanne
Dr Himansha Singh
Dr Debbie Mason
Dr Vicky Jones
Dr Margaret McGee
Dr Gopal Sapkota
Dr Graham Rena
Dr Maria Vardakou
Dr Matthew Brook
Dr Jonathan Worrall
Dr Sharon Kelly
Dr Tom Van Agtmael
Dr Robbie Baldock
Dr Pryank Patel
Dr Shamus Burns
Dr Isabel Pires
Dr Mark Shepherd
Dr Alexandre Benedetto
Dr Stephen Muench
Professor John Colyer
Dr Pietro Roversi
Dr Kieran McGourty
Dr Stefan Millson
Professor Jerry Turnbull
Dr Martin Pool
Dr Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers
Dr Sally Wheatley
Dr Alessandro Siani
Dr Mike Fry
Dr John Rafferty
Dr Mark Coldwell
Dr Jacqueline Nairn
Professor Susan Pyne
Dr Mark Carlile 
Dr Rachel Simmonds
Professor Simon Morley
Dr Paula Row
Dr Paul Thompson
Dr Elizabeth Fullam
Dr Sarah Coleman
Dr Terry Bartlett 
Dr Gareth Evans
Dr Robert Beagrie
Dr Thomas Nicol

International Local Ambassadors

The Society also has International Local Ambassadors that promote the Biochemical Society and it’s activities, grants and journals in the country they are based in.

Student Ambassadors

Find out how to become a Student Ambassador for your institution here.