The Morton Lecture

The Morton Lecture was first awarded in 1978 to commemorate the late R.A. Morton. The winners of the award lectureship demonstrate they have made an outstanding contribution to lipid biochemistry. 

The late R.A. Morton was Johnston Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Liverpool and the current incumbent of that Chair sits with the Awards Committee when the Morton Lecturer is selected. 

The recipient is given:

  • £2,000 prize money  
  • The opportunity to present a lecture at a Society event or webinar 
  • An invitation to submit an article to one of our Biochemical Society Journals, published by Portland Press, with any fees waived 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Awarded biennially 
  • Nominees have made an outstanding contribution to lipid biochemistry 
  • Nominees are typically senior career 
  • Nominees can be either international or UK based 
  • This award is only open to individuals 

The Awards Committee will consider the following aspects of all nominations for The Morton Lecture as appropriate:

  • Originality of research 
  • Impact and scope of research 
  • Quality of outputs – publications and/or patents and/or software 
  • Commitment to build, support, and nurture future talent e.g., mentorship 
  • Other indicators of esteem demonstrated by the nominator 

Valerie O’Donnell presented her award lecture ‘Adventures in lipid research: bioactive lipids of inflammation and coagulation’ as part of the Biochemistry Focus webinar series. View the recording here >

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  • 2022: Valerie O’Donnell
  • 2020: Gurdyal S Besra
  • 2018: Michael Wakelam
  • 2016: John Harwood
  • 2014: Harvey McMahon
  • 2012: Kai Simons
  • 2010: Peter Cullen
  • 2008: Roger Williams
  • 2006: Philip Hawkins
  • 2004: Peter J. Parker   
  • 2002: Robert H. Michell   
  • 1999: Anthony Watts
  • 1996: R.M. Evans 

  • 1995: M. Kates
  • 1994: Robin F. Irvine 
  • 1992: S.-I. Hakomori 
  • 1989: R.E. Pagano
  • 1987: J.N. Hawthorne
  • 1985: H.C. Rilling
  • 1983: Trevor W. Goodwin
  • 1981: H.F. DeLuca
  • 1979: L.L.M. van Deenen
  • 1978: K. Schreiber
  • 2000: Roger Sayle
  • 1996: Peter Dunhill
  • 1994: Keith May


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