International Award

2020 winner Wai-Hong Tham

The International Award is presented annually and recognizes outstanding and independent research that illustrates the importance of the molecular biosciences in the advancement of life sciences research.  The research should have been conducted outside of the UK and Ireland by a scientist of any nationality.  The recipient will be expected to act as an ambassador for the Biochemical Society’s international activities.

The award aims to recognize the achievements of early to mid-career scientists who are within 20 years of PhD completion. Nominees that have completed their PhD more than 20 years ago but who have had a career break e.g. through family commitments, illness or other good reasons, will be considered by the Awards Committee.

For full details on this and how to submit a nomination please click here

Brandt Eichmann will present his award lecture at the 86th Harden conference Machines on Genes on Wednesday 25 May 2022 in Alicante, Spain.

James Murphy will present his award lecture at the joint IUBMB-FEBS-PABMB Congress on Monday 11 July 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The award recipient is given:

  • The opportunity to deliver their lecture at a Society event
  • The opportunity to submit an article to a Society-owned publication
  • £2,000 prize money
  • A trophy


  • 2023: Antonina Roll-Mecak
  • 2022: James Murphy
  • 2021: Brandt Eichman
  • 2020: Wai-Hong Tham
  • 2018: Job Dekker
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