Helen Walden
(University of Dundee, UK)
Colworth Medal

Nick Lane
(University College London, UK)
Biochemical Society Award

The Biochemical Society Award, Member Reception and AGM 2015

John Hardy
(University College London, UK)
Thudichum Medal… Read Catastrophic cliffs: a partial suggestion for selective vulnerability in neurodegenerative diseases.

Glyn Hemsworth
(University of York, UK)
Early Career Research Award – Biotechnology… Read Learning from microbial strategies for polysaccharide degradation

Patricia Muller
(MRC TU Leicester, UK)
Early Career Research Award – Genes… Read Novel targets and interaction partners of mutant p53 Gain-Of-Function.

Matthew Freeman
(University of Oxford, UK)
Novartis Medal and Prize… Read Rhomboids, signalling and cell biology.

Chris Marshall
(Institute of Cancer Research, UK)
Centenary Award

David Carling
(Imperial College London, UK)
Sir Philip Randle Lecture

Rozbeh Baradaran
(MRC MBU Cambridge, UK)
Early Career Research Award – Energy and Metabolism

Paul Elliott
(MRC LMB Cambridge, UK)
Early Career Research Award – Signalling… Read Molecular basis for specificity of the Met1-linked polyubiquitin signal.