Proteomics and Related Metabolomics of Oxidative Damage and Glycation: A Technical Workshop

Biochemical Society Training Event

*Multiple booking discounts are available for this meeting. Register 5 delegates and fifth delegate can attend free of charge. (Free place will be given to the lowest cost registration only) Contact the Conference Office for more details.*

This three-day training event focused on the practical aspects of proteomics and metabolomics of oxidative damage and glycation. The course provided an introduction to mass spectrometry for biochemists, biologists and biomedical scientists from PhD level and above. Participants were not expected to have prior knowledge of mass spectrometry, but a keen interest in protein damage and metabolites. The event comprised lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions.

The course aimed to equip participants with the practical skills required for the design and the successful implementation of experiments in proteomics and metabolomics of oxidative damage and glycation. Participants practised different methods of sample preparation, including simple to complex mixtures and enrichment techniques. Demonstration samples will be run on our cutting-edge instrumentation and, as a delegate, you will have the opportunity to explore custom method design for your particular requirements. The course then focused on data analysis to address protein identification, modifications and quantification.

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Jul 09 2018 - Jul 11 2018

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University of Warwick
Coventry, UK
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