83rd Harden Conference: Autophagy – from Molecules to Disease II

Autophagy continues to be one of the most exciting and topical subjects in biology. Since the first Autophagy Harden Conference (the 68th Harden, held in 2010), our understanding of the basic regulatory mechanisms and the physiological roles of autophagy in health and disease has advanced substantially.

Recent years have seen an impressive diversification in autophagy techniques and model systems, as well as seeing autophagy knowledge put to many novel practical applications, including disease intervention for which novel autophagy modulators are in the pipeline. This meeting brought together experts in the autophagy field from across the world to present cutting edge research on the molecular control of autophagy and the roles of autophagy in immunity, physiology and disease.

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Oral communication slots are available at this meeting.

All attendees, particularly researchers in the early stages of their career, were invited to submit a poster abstract for consideration as an oral communication.

Unique to the Biochemical Society, Harden Conferences are residential research conferences covering a specialist topic.

The conferences bring together scientists from various backgrounds with a common interest in – but varying approaches to – the topic of the conference.

COST Members

A limited number of TransAutophagy Cost members were eligible to attend on a subsidized basis.

Priority was given to early career investigators (ECIs) and members from ITC.

Please contact Jon Lane (Jon.Lane@bristol.ac.uk) or Sharon Tooze (Sharon.Tooze@crick.ac.uk) with a statement of interest and CV before the end of March if you are interested in attending.

Harden Bursaries

A limited number of bursaries were available to assist younger members of the Biochemical Society to attend the conferences.

Preference was given to senior graduate students (or those who gained their Ph.D. in the last 5 years) and restricted to members of the Biochemical Society.

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Jun 03 2018 - Jun 07 2018

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