Key words: biological clocks, gene therapy, embryogenesis, organogenesis, innate immunity, immune responses, inflammation, disease processes, ageing, cancer, plants, molecular medicine, neurodegeneration, parasitology, plant pathology, nutrition, cell division differentiation and death, cardiovascular disease, developmental biology, diabetes, matrix structure, tissue engineering.

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Chair: Lisa Chakrabarti

University of Nottingham, UK 

Keywords: ageing, brain, mitochondria, neurodegeneration, purkinje cell, cerebellum, ataxia, photoreceptor, retina, proteomics, lipidomics, mitophagy, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, comparative biology 

Fred Arce Vargas

Autolus, UK

Keywords: immunology, immune regulation, cancer immunotherapy, T cells, gene therapy

Irundika Dias

Aston University, UK

Keywords: ageing, chronic kidney disease, oxidative stress, mitochondria, neurodegeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, lipidomics, nutrition, monocytes, neutrophils

Frank Wessely

University of Oxford, UK

Keywords: bioinformatics, genomics, epigenomics, systems biology, neurological diseases

Andriana Margariti

Queen’s University Belfast

Keywords: Endothelial cell dysfunction, diabetes, cell reprogramming, stem cells, cardiovascular disease, cell signalling, mRNA splicing