Key words: Receptors, ion channels, endocrine systems, cytokines, cell cycle, cell growth and differentiation, cell adhesion, second messengers, kinases, phosphatases, lipid mediators, post-translational modifications, transcription/translation, nuclear interactions, nuclear receptors, pre-and post-synaptic signalling, protein phosphorylation, G-proteins (trimeric and monomeric), scaffolds, drug discovery, molecular pharmacology, computer-aided drug design, redox signalling.

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Aga Gambus (Chair)

University of Birmingham

Keywords: DNA replication, Ubiquitin signalling, Small Protein Modifiers, genomic instability

Antonia Roseweir (Vice Chair)

University of Glasgow, UK

Keywords: Cancer, Signalling Pathways, Subtyping, Translational research, Inflammatory Response, Biomarkers

Ben Foster

University of Oxford

Keywords: Genome stability, Ubiquitin signalling, Post-translational modifications, DNA damage response

Sarah Ross

AstraZeneca, UK

 cancer signalling, RAS/MAPK signalling, drug discovery

Tim Palmer

Hull York Medical School

Keywords: Cytokine signalling, vascular biology, inflammation, JAK-STAT

Venkateswarlu Kanamarlapudi

Swansea University

Keywords: GPCR; Monomeric G-proteins; PI 3-kinase; Inositol lipids; Signalling pathways in disease; Membrane trafficking; Molecular Pharmacology; Cancer; Platelets

Helen Wheadon

University of Glasgow, UK

Keywords: Leukaemia, Stem Cells, Morphogenic Signalling Pathways, Translational Medicine

Qian Wu

University of Leeds, UK

Keywords: DNA damage response, genome stability, signalling, structural biology

Elton Zeqiraj

University of Leeds, UK

Keywords: Ubiquitin signalling, deubiquitinating (DUB) enzymes, pseudo-DUBs, interferon signalling, DNA damage repair