Research Area III covers the broad areas of mitochondria, membrane transport, metabolic pathways and networks, photosynthesis, free radicals, microbial bioenergetics and metabolism, electron transfer proteins, metabolism and metabolic diseases and metals in biology.

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Chair: Amandine Marechal

University College London, UK

Keywords: cytochrome c oxidase, infrared spectroscopy, coupled electron/proton transfer, mitochondria, respiratory chains

Gyorgy Szabadkai

University College London, UK

Keywords: Bioenergetics, metabolism, gene expression & regulation, bioinformatics, systems biology & networks, organelles & localization, cancer, neuroscience, translational science

Naila Rabbani

University of Warwick, UK

Keywords: lipoprotein metabolism, glycation, glyoxalase, oxidative Stress, dicarbonyl stress, metabolomics, proteomics, arthritis and vascular disease

Kei Sakamoto


Keywords: Type2 diabetes; energy balance; glucose and carbohydrate metabolism; skeletal muscle physiology; cellular signalling; AMP-activated protein kinase

Nicholas Morton

University of Edinburgh, UK

Keywords: obesity; diabetes; genetics of metabolic disease; mitochondrial function in metabolic disease; energy balance; cellular energetics; whole animal energetics; whole animal metabolism; nutrient homeostasis; pre-clinical 

Ulrike Bechtold

University of Essex, UK

Keywords: Plant metabolism, Plant biochemistry, Post translational modifications, Environmental stress

Lars Jeuken

University of Leeds

Keywords: bacterial respiratory chains, membrane proteins, electron transfer, nitrate metabolism, proton transport

Charareh Pourzand

University of Bath, UK

Keywords: Metals in Biology , UVA Photobiology, Chemical Biology, Iron sensors/chelators, Free Radicals, Oxidative Stress, Cell Death and Injury, Aging, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Molecular Bases of Health and Disease, Cancer, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Photo-activated drugs