There are prizes for the first, second and third place winners in both the written and video categories. If you are a winner, you will receive a cash prize, your entry will be published in The Biochemist and on the Society’s website, and you will receive a mentoring session with a professional science communicator. 

Cash Prizes

1st prize = £300

2nd prize = £200

3rd prize = £100

Mentoring sessions

Mentors will review your winning entry and will provide feedback and suggestions to make your entry ready for publication. They will also be able to discuss the various skills needed for a career in science communication, and give winners advice based on their own career experiences. For UK entrants, the Biochemical Society will pay reasonable travel expenses to reach the session. For non-UK entrants, the session can be taken via email or Skype.


Dr Suze Kundu is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Surrey’s Chemical and Process Engineering Department. As a self-described nanochemist (literally and professionally!), she is also a prolific science communicator as a regular contributor at Forbes and The Standard Issue, a presenter for the Discovery Channel and a contributing author to ‘The Secret Science of Superheros’.

Dr Steve Cross, a freelance science communication consultant and trainer as well as a stand-up comedian. He’s the founder of Science Showoff and Bright Club, and a current Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow. In past lives he’s been a human genetics researcher, a curator for Wellcome Collection, and Head of Public Engagement at UCL.