Find below a list of factsheets created by the Biochemical Society as part of our public engagement programme. Got an interesting idea for a fact sheet?  Email the Education Department >

“DIY Biology – Biohacking, Citizen Science and Community Labs”– This fact sheet was made to complement two events held at the 2017 British Science Festival in Brighton and New Scientist Live. 

“Genome Editing – Scientific Scissors”   – this fact sheet was created to complement our public engagement activity and acts as an introduction to what Genome Editing is and how it works.

“Epigenetics – why you don’t have teeth in your eyeballs” – this fact sheet was made to complement a public lecture at the British Science Festival 2014.

“Medicine Makers” – this fact sheet is all about how painkillers work and was made as a handout for our hands on activity Medicine Makers created with the British Pharmacological Society.

“The Journey of a Medicine” – this fact sheet outlines the journey of a medicine through our bodies, as part of the Medicine Makers activity.

“Living in a post-antibiotic era: the impact on public health” – this booklet created with the Microbiology Society describes antibiotic resistance, how it will affect our health in the future and what we can do to limit its impact.

“Synthetic Life: How far could it go? How far should it go?” – this booklet was made to complement a public debate at the Ri, in collaboration with the Royal Society of Biology as part of Biology Week 2015. 

“Can we give new biotech the green light?” – this booklet was developed to complement a Café Scientifique at Glasgow Science Festival 2016, in collaboration with the Royal Society of Biology. 

“Cancer: Is treatment always the answer?”– this booklet was produced for a public debate held at Cardiff City Hall, in collaboration with Cancer Research UK.