Although organizing, running and evaluating an entire outreach event can be hard work, there is a large amount of help out there for running any form of scientific outreach event. Scientific outreach is desirable to a range of groups, organizations and institutions beyond the Biochemical Society, who will often be more than willing to collaborate on an outreach event.

Sources of additional funding

STEMNET provides opportunities to engage young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, by allowing them to meet with professionals in the fields.

Education Business Partnerships.

Any local businesses with this status will provide some sort of outreach expertise aimed at secondary school students, whether in the form of speakers, work placements or materials. 

Industry school liaison officers.

Many companies still maintain liaison officers whose role is to work with local schools in outreach activities, providing materials or even student tours and workshops.

University outreach officers

Many scientific university departments have instituted outreach officers who may be able to provide you with access to facilities or help in the form of student volunteers.

Biochemical Society Local Ambassadors

The Biochemical Society has local ambassadors in many universities whose role is to promote and support the molecular biosciences.

Local schools and colleges

Inviting other local schools increases the outreach of your event. Other institutions can provide volunteers, expertise and equipment to supplement your own resources.