Scientific Outreach Grant

The Society wishes to support scientific outreach activities that communicate the excitement of molecular bioscience to young people and the community.

The aim of the outreach grants is to increase participation in the molecular biosciences at school level and beyond through engaging activities.

Applications are invited for sums up to £1000 to assist with the direct costs associated with an event and expenses incurred (e.g. transport and/or teacher cover). Provision of refreshments would be deemed a very low priority unless the cost is minimal.

By fulfilling our criteria, you can ensure that your outreach proposal is considered by the Biochemical Society. You can further improve your application by proving that your proposal has long-term benefits, is repeatable, links several organisations and reaches those who do not normally participate in scientific outreach.

Events might include:

  • Exciting activities for a science club or public festival
  • Inspiring workshops for students or teachers 
  • Engaging lectures from scientists working in different fields

In 2022, the Biochemical Society will be awarding the totality of its Scientific Outreach Grants during the summer run of this scheme. The Scientific Outreach Grants will open for applications on 4 July and close on 30 September 2022. 

Information on our outreach grants scheme, with sources of potential collaboration, additional funding, information for current grant holders and judge’s tips.

What makes a good outreach event? Find out if your outreach idea is applicable for our competitive outreach grants here.

Stuck for an idea or an audience? Check out our past events, activity cards and volunteering ideas.

Read reports from the recipients of previous grants and download the resources used for some of these activities

If you still have questions after reading the above, please contact the Grants department >