Find out more information about the Science Communication Prize by reading the answers to our frequently asked questions. Click on the question below to see an answer. If you have any more questions, please contact Education >

Q1. Can we enter as a team?

Teams can enter the video competition with one member of the team listed as the lead entrant. In the event of winning a prize, the lead entrant is responsible for sharing out the cash prize and coordinating with the Society when organizing the mentoring session.

Written entries must be authored by a single entrant. 

Q2. Are there any nationality restrictions applied to the competition?

No. The competition is open to students from all over the UK and overseas.

Q3. Can I include images?

Please do include them in the text if you feel it will enhance the article; however it is not a requirement. Please do also be aware that the article should be aimed at the general public (ie, any picture/diagram should be easily understandable) and copyright must be cleared for use, including proper referencing of the image source. 

Q4. How much scientific content should the article include?

The article should be based on a topic of relevance to molecular bioscience (eg. Antibiotic resistance, synthetic biology, the history of molecular biology…). You can include as much scientific content as you like, but you must explain any technical terms/procedures in a clear and engaging way as the entries are aimed at the general public. The ability to clearly explain and engage people with complex scientific subjects is a key criteria you will be judged on.

Q5. Do references have to be included and in what format?

Yes, please include references using numbers within the text, then endnotes at the end of the article. For an example, please see our Biochemist magazine articles >