Our CREST Gold Awards packs include background information and examples of biochemical issues affecting the real world. They provide examples of lab-based practicals and computer-based research projects to help guide students in planning, designing and carrying out their own investigations. The CREST Gold Awards are a minimum of 70 hours work and students are required to meet a set of criteria. The CREST Gold Awards are recognised by universities and employers and can help enhance UCAS personal statements.

Our resource guides cover antibiotic resistance, saving the world with enzymes and feeding the world with biochemistry.

Antibiotic resistance – Bacteria can be pathogenic and cause disease, while antibiotics are drugs used to treat or prevent bacterial infections. Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to these drugs, creating large problems in medicine and agriculture.

Find out more about the causes of antibiotic resistance and the new ways scientists are tackling the problem of resistance. Explore examples of projects students can implement, such as looking at natural antibiotics and investigating probiotics.

Feed the world – The world’s population is growing, predicted to reach 9 billion in 2025. 815 million people around the world don’t have enough food to eat, and more than a third of food produced is never consumed and ends up wasted. 

Find out about how new research into genetically modifying crops is making them more resistant to changing conditions, as well as easier to grow and more nutritious. Find examples of projects students can try including understanding the need for, and future of, genetically modified organisms and investigating the future of genetically modified organisms.

Saving the world with enzymes – Enzymes are mostly made up of proteins that speed up, or catalyse, chemical reactions.

They are vital for serving a wide range of important functions in the body. Explore the use of enzymes in biological reactions and how they are used in industry. Find examples of projects students can try such as designing their own biofuel and investigating drug development.