Professor Sir Pete Downes
President (Chair of the Council of Trustees)
University of Dundee

Professor Frank Sargent
Honorary Treasurer
Newcastle University

Professor Stefan Roberts
Honorary Meetings Secretary
University of Bristol

Dr David Pye
Honorary Policy Officer 
University of Salford

Dr Helen Watson
Chair, Education Committee
Plymouth University

Dr Joanne Edwards
Chair, Clinical and Translational Research Theme Panel
University of Glasgow

Dr Dominika Gruszka
Early Career Member Representative
The Francis Crick Institute

Professor Sheila Graham
Chair, Biochemical Society
University of Glasgow

Professor Michelle West
Chair, Basic Bioscience Theme Panel
University of Sussex

Dr Martin Pool
Local Ambassador Representative
University of Manchester

Dr Malcolm Weir
Industry Representative

Professor Richard Reece
Chair, Portland Press Board 
University of Manchester

Professor Luciane Vieira de Mello
Chair, Training Theme Panel
University of Liverpool