The independent report, ‘Changes and choices: advice on future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation’ is co-authored by Professor Sir Adrian Smith and Professor Graeme Reid and sets out opportunities to boost international partnerships on research and innovation.

Commenting on the report, Dr David Pye, Honorary Policy Officer at the Biochemical Society said:

“International collaboration is fundamental to scientific research and we welcome this timely review into how future funding frameworks can best support these endeavours. The Biochemical Society is encouraged to see that the report emphasises the need to address the balance of funding directed towards blue-skies or mission-orientated research in any future programmes. We are also pleased to see the importance given to the intangible benefits of the UK’s participation in previous EU funding programmes and would encourage any future government to consider their value to the UK scientific community when negotiating future access to Horizon Europe, or the development of alternative frameworks.”

The Biochemical fed into the Royal Society of Biology’s response to this review. You can read this response here