The Society Publishers’ Coalition (SPC) has responded to the call for feedback on Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S.

The SPC’s consultation response, released today (20 February 2019), is signed by the Biochemical Society and Portland Press alongside other learned societies and sets out the position of its 12 signatories in relation to the implementation of Plan S. The SPC’s statement highlights some of the hurdles for learned societies and specifically lists ways in which the signatories believe cOAlition S can support their transition towards sustainable open access.

Commenting on the consultation response, Professor Richard Reece, Chair of Portland Press Board said:“As an independent society-publisher, Portland Press is delighted to have co-produced this letter alongside likeminded societies all seeking a sustainable path to transitioning away from paywalled research while continuing to support, and generate investment for, the communities we serve. We are keen to maintain an open dialogue between publishers, learned societies, researchers, institutions and members of cOAlition S to help enable a sustainable transition for learned society publishers.”

Professor Sheila Graham, Chair, Publications Committee of the Biochemical Society said:“As one of the few societies with a position statement on open science, the Biochemical Society is keen on delivering a move to open scholarship; managing a sustainable transition to open access is a decisive step towards this goal.”

cOAlition S is an international alliance of funders in support of Plan S, which aims to accelerate the transition to open access journals or platforms.

The Society Publishers’ Coalition (SPC) is a group of likeminded, not-for-profit learned societies who publish journals as part of their charitable objectives and who re-invest the surplus from their publishing into the disciplinary communities they serve. SPC members share the common ambition to see an orderly and sustainable transition to open scholarship.

The Biochemical Society’s position statement on open science can be found here, and the SPC consultation response can be found in full here.