Yesterday, 23 August, the UK Government released a collection of guidance papers on how to prepare for Brexit in the event of a no-deal

The guidance papers cover a broad spectrum of sectors from finance to healthcare, and include a number that are relevant to the molecular bioscience, and wider STEM community. Papers include guidance on research funding and Horizon Europe, the Erasmus programme, the regulation of new medicines and therapies, food production and regulations relating to genetically modified organisms amongst others. 

Commenting on the release of the guidance collection, Professor Sir Pete Downes, President of the Biochemical Society said:

“The fact that the life sciences feature in such a number of these guidance documents is further evidence of the potentially profound impact of a no-deal Brexit on UK science and research. While the Society is relieved that the Government has released a collection of guidance papers detailing their preparations for a no-deal Brexit, we believe it is vitally important for the life sciences that the UK’s negotiations with the EU progress favourably and result in a mutually beneficial outcome for both sides.”