UK Research and Innovation has announced a new ‘UKRI-Science Research and Academia’ scheme, which allows non-EEA researchers, scientists and academics to come to the UK for up to two years.

The new scheme, which is being added to the Tier 5 (Temporary Worker – Government Authorised Exchange (GAE)) visa route, has been introduced to reflect and encourage the ongoing growth of the research sector in the UK.

Commenting on the new scheme, Professor Anne Dell, Chair of the Biochemical Society said:

‘The ability of international researchers to work and study in the UK is essential if we are to remain a global leader in science and innovation. The Biochemical Society welcomes this announcement and we are pleased to see that the Government is providing increased support for overseas researchers to come to work and train in the UK. The Society is particularly pleased to see that skilled technicians are also included in this scheme. The UK suffers from a shortage of technical skills in the Life Sciences and overseas technicians make a vital contribution to UK science and research. The Society is concerned that two years may not be enough time for researchers to undertake viable research projects and we hope there will be a flexible visa process in place for those who may require a longer stay.’