The Society has welcomed today’s speech by Sam Gyimah MP, Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation given at the opening of the new Schrödinger Building at the Oxford Science Park. 

In this, his first speech on Science and Innovation in the UK, Gyimah addressed a number of priorities for and challenges facing the science and research community. He spoke about the need for the UK to foster openness and create an environment where regulatory policies allow innovation and entrepreneurship to thrive, not just for the duration of Brexit negotiations, but also for the long-term future of British science, research and innovation.

Commenting on the speech, Professor Sir Pete Downes, President of the Biochemical Society, said:

‘We are pleased to hear the positive tone of  this important speech and welcome the Minister’s forward looking vision for UK Science and Innovation. The UK has a long and successful history of scientific innovation and entrepreneurship and we hope this will continue to prosper following our exit from the European Union. The Minister is right when he says ‘it is more than money’. Investment is not enough to secure the future of the science and innovation sector. It will require an environment where researchers can move freely, talent and skills are nurtured and ideas and innovation are encouraged to thrive. We believe it is vital that the UK remains a global leader in science and innovation, and encourage the Minister to continue to work to support this.’