The European Commission has today proposed a budget of €97.6 billion for Horizon Europe which is expected to run from 2021 – 2027. 

This ambitious programme sees an increased focus on open research and is intended to be implemented through three distinct pillars: 

  • Open Science 
  • Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness
  • Open Innovation

Crucially for the UK, the proposals also include draft terms for third countries (which will include the UK following its exit from the EU) to participate fully in Horizon Europe.

Commenting on the announcement, Dr David Pye, Honorary Policy Officer of the Biochemical Society, said:

‘Horizon Europe looks to be a forward-thinking and ambitious programme that will help build international collaboration and drive developments in science and innovation across Europe and more globally. The Society welcomes the increased budget, and is pleased that draft proposals include terms for third party countries to participate fully in the programme.  
The participation of the UK in Horizon Europe is now dependent on favourable Brexit negotiations with the EU and we hope for a positive outcome which will allow UK scientists to contribute to and participate fully in European Science programmes.’