The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has published its report ‘Life Sciences and Industrial Strategy: Who’s Driving the Bus’ which examines the Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and calls for bold steps from the Government to ensure that the Strategy is implemented effectively.

Dr. Mark Downs, CEO of the Royal Society of Biology provided oral evidence to the Committee as part of their inquiries. The Biochemical Society contributed evidence to the initial written response from which Dr. Mark Downs was asked to comment.

Commenting on the report, the Honorary Policy Officer of the Biochemical Society, Dr David Pye said:

“The Society welcomes the frankness of the report released today by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, and we call on the Government to take its recommendations on board. The report raises some important questions on the implementation of, and accountability for, the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and we hope the Government make it their priority to address these concerns. We are pleased that the comments from our communities were able to inform this report, and we welcome its call for the Government to identify and address areas of the Life Sciences sector which are not included in the previous sector deal such as food, agriculture and biofuels.”