The Society has responded to today’s announcement of the Life Sciences sector deal.

The Life Sciences Sector Deal will help ensure new pioneering treatments and medical technologies are produced in the UK, improving patient lives and driving economic growth. The deal involves substantial investment from private and charitable sectors and significant commitments on research and development from the government.

Commenting on the launch, Dr David Pye, Honorary Policy Officer of the Biochemical Society, said:

‘Sir John Bell’s Life Sciences Sector deal represents a positive step forward for the UK Life Sciences Industry. The Society is delighted to see the Government’s commitment to securing global investment for UK Life Sciences, supported by a detailed and in-depth strategy. We welcome the strong emphasis on promoting the UK as a competitive leader in new technologies, such as rapid diagnostics and genomic medicine. This will be vital in ensuring that the UK remains an attractive place of investment for global organisations. The news of further industry commitments with UK institutions, following the MSD partnership announcement last week, inspires confidence that the Government is serious about its commitment to promote and support the UK Life Sciences Industry.

We are also pleased to see recognition of the importance and potential of the NHS as an effective research partner for industry. This deal has the potential for the UK to establish itself as a leader in clinical trial advances, and will provide UK patients with access to new and innovative medicines. 

Food, agriculture and the development of biofuels are integral to the UK Life Sciences Industry, and we hope the Government replicates this commitment to establishing strategic partnerships in order to ensure the UK remains an influential leader in these areas.‘