Science policy work relies on the input of those with expert knowledge and ‘on the job’ perspectives. To this end, the Biochemical Society utilises a Database of Expertise which allows us to call on the expert knowledge held within our membership. This ensures that the information we present to policy-makers is as relevant and accurate as possible.

The Database of Expertise is a compendium of members who are willing to be approached when advice is required by our policy team. The information received is invaluable and informs the majority of our consultation responses as well as our media work.

The option to sign-up for the Society’s Database of Expertise is now available via the membership forms and the list of members involved, along with their areas of expertise, is now held on our membership database. Therefore, if you are interested in being involved in our science policy work, you can sign up by logging into the Member’s Area of the website and reviewing your details under ‘Manage Membership’. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to be part of the database and to provide up to 3 areas of expertise. Alternatively, you can contact our science policy assistant Gabriele Butkute, for further information.

The database is used for no other purpose than to seek policy advice and contact will always be by e-mail. When an issue on which we require information or opinion arises you will be contacted with a summary of the latest developments, some background information and key questions where relevant.

The Database of Expertise is an invaluable resource to us and allows us to be truly representative of the opinions of our membership. We always endeavour to take the opinions and feedback offered by the Database of Expertise on board.