The Wellcome Trust sponsored this biennial award for distinguished research leading to new advances in medical science from 1978 to 2002. It was specifically intended to recognize meritorious research by younger biochemists in the field of biochemistry related to medicine, and the nomination was normally limited to those under the age of 45 years. The recipient of the award received £1000 and gave a lecture at a meeting of the Society, the proceedings of which were published in Biochemical Society Transactions. No further nominations are accepted for this award.

Past recipients

Location where the lecture was delivered is given in parentheses.

  • 2002: T.Kouzarides (Imperial)2000: M.J.Humphries (Manchester)
  • 1998: J.A. Todd (The Wellcome Trust)
  • 1996: K. Davies (Edinburgh)
  • 1994: R.A. Dwek (Kent)
  • 1992: S. Humphries (London)
  • 1987: A.W. Segal (London)
  • 1985: G.G.Brownlee (Liverpool)
  • 1983: R.Williamson (London
  • 1981: K.B.M.Reid (Dublin)
  • 1978: D.J.H.Brock (Nottingham)