Key words: lipids, organelles, trafficking, protein turnover, cytoskeleton, cell cycle, cell adhesion and migration, phagocytosis, apoptosis, matrix biology, neurotransmitters, structures, cell walls, nuclear motors, glycobiology, glycosylation, micro-organisms, membrane fusion, synaptic function, ion channels, neuronal signalling, exocytosis, endocytosis, secretion.

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Chair: Mike Deeks
University of Exeter, UK

Keywords: plant, cell polarity, actin, microtubules, plant disease defence, membrane traffic, cell morphogenesis 


Steve Winder
University of Sheffield, UK

Keywords: vertebrate cell adhesion and the actin cytoskeleton, muscular dystrophies


Gloria López-Castejón
University of Manchester, UK

Keywords: inflammation, macrophages, inflammasome, interleukins, danger signals and cell death.


Julien Licchesi
University of Bath, UK

Keywords: The ubiquitin system, deubiquitinases, E3 ubiquitin ligases, protein degradation, cell proliferation, mitochondria


Bungo Akiyoshi
University of Oxford, UK

Keywords: chromosome segregation, mitosis, microtubules, kinetochore, trypanosomes


Sophie Acton

University College London, UK

Keywords:  Lymphoid tissue, immunology, cell migration, microscopy, differentiation, cytoskeleton


Rosa D Rosa Dominguez-Espinosa

Syngenta, UK

Keywords: industrial microbiology, specially biocontrols, formulation of microbial products, bioprocess design and scale up

Urszula McClurg

University of Liverpool, UK

Keywords: meiosis, mitosis, centrosome, synaptonemal complex, cilia, cancer, germ cell cancer genes


Matthias Krause 

King’s College London, UK

Keywords: cell motility and cell migration, endocytosis, cell proliferation, Actin cytoskeleton, signalling, cancer metastasis, microscopy


Chris Toseland  

University of Sheffield, UK

Keywords: Nuclear organisation, cytoskeleton, mechanobiology, cell biophysics, microscopy