Once funding has been awarded, applicants are required to submit a final report and evaluation of their activity within 12 weeks of the event. This will be posted on the Biochemical Society’s website, to show our members how the funds have been used and to inspire future applicants. Applicants who do not complete an evaluation and final report will not be able to apply for future Scientific Outreach Grants from the Biochemical Society.

Applicants are also strongly encouraged to write an article for the Society’s members magazine The Biochemist and for the Society’s blog. 

The Society should be informed of any resourced funded by the grant that have an educational benefit. These resources will be made available for use on the Society’s website. 

Further funding

Once the report and evaluation are complete, applicants are invited to apply for extra funding (up to £500) to further disseminate their activity; this could be by improving the long term sustainability of the project, generating further resources or reaching new audiences. Applications for further funding will only be considered within three months of the final reports submission. 

All resources generated by the Further Funding Grant should be submitted to the Society for further dissemination where appropriate. A final report and evaluation of the project should be submitted to the Society within 12 weeks of the projects completion. 

Criteria for further funding

  • The scientific relevance of the content for the age group
  • The numbers of students/teachers/public reached, and any new audiences reached
  • Consideration for widening participation (eg. with regards to “hard to reach” groups)
  • Improving the long term benefits/sustainability of the activity (resource production, train the trainers, opportunities for roll out, potential for cascading the benefits)
  • Consideration of feedback and evaluation

If you would like to apply for further funding, please complete this form and send it to Education Department

Report content

Example reports can be found here.
The report should give a brief overview of how the event(s) went, and should include photographs where possible.
Reports may be published on the Society’s website and if appropriate, in the Society’s member’s magazine The Biochemist. 

Evaluation criteria

  • Has your activity met the aims originally set out in your application? If your aims changed during the project, please note the reason for making these changes. 
  • Referring to your original application, what objectives did you set for your activity? If these objectives changed during the project, please state the reasons for making these changes.
  • How well you think the activity went and what could be improved. Please think of this from a variety of perspectives, including the project leader, staff/volunteers delivering the project and the audience.
  • How did you benefit from this Outreach grant? 
  • Did the activity meet the criteria of the Biochemical Society Scientific Outreach Grants? If not, please state why.
  • How did you meet these criteria?
  • Will you run this activity, or a similar project to engage the public, again?

Tips on evaluating your activity: